Tom Holland is an American director and screenwriter of horror and thriller films. His early writing projects include Class of 1984 and the Robert Bloch- inspired Psycho II, the latter starring Anthony Perkins as the menacing psychopath, Norman Bates.

Tom gained more notoriety, however, as a director. His directorial debut was the popular 1980s Vampire film, Fright Night which, at the time, was said to have been responsible for redefining the sub-genre, influencing later films like The Lost Boys and Near Dark. The film was a box office hit and garnered three Saturn Awards and one Dario Argento Award.

For his next project, Child's Play, Tom again cast Chris Sarandon. The film was a Number One box-office hit in America and a worldwide success, despite controversy over its thematic content. It, like Fright Night has since gathered a cult following amongst horror fans. Tom then went onto direct two films based upon adaptations of Stephen King's novels: The Langoliers and Thinner. He also took a cameo role in the Stephen King miniseries The Stand.

Tom's other projects have included _The Incredible Hulk_ episode 'Another Path', Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories, three episodes of Tales from the Crypt, and the prestigious Masters of Horror anthology. He starred in A Walk in the Spring Rain with Ingrid Bergman.

In 2009 Tom took a starring role in Hatchet II alongside Kane Hodder and Tony Todd.

Now he brings you the twisted horror thriller ‘Rock, Paper, Dead’.


Amy Williams is a horror film buff. When she was introduced to rock paper dead, she saw the incredible potential and did everything in her power to make it a reality. as the main producer, she packaged the film, brought in full financing, and managed the amazing cast, crew and team. Amywas born in Memphis, Tenn. but grew up on New York City's Lower East Side in the days when it was notorious for drugs and crime, but was still home to neighborhoods, including hers East 10th Street and Avenue C, PS 61 on East 12th Street, JHS 56 on Clinton and Henry streets, and IS 17 in Chelsea.

Her father, a college professor, was a Ph.D. in German literature; a poet, writer and photographer, he had a wide range of gifts and interests, including films and movie making. Her mother worked as a transcriber and typesetter before becoming an accidental journalist and writer. Dr. Morrison was writing a critical work about Franz Kafka when he was severely injured in 1970 in Manhattan. Much of this story was told in Williams' first film, "The Morrison Project," which won Best Documentary and the Golden Starfish Award at The Hamptons Film Festival in 2003.

With enormous passion for film and storytelling in her blood, even as a girl Williams gravitated to movie theaters as an escape from her childhood demons, and voraciously consuming movies before she was in double digits. She was unaware of her own eye for photography until she was an adult, when she learned to use the tools of the trade, working as a wedding photographer and videographer.

But it was when she was living in Chapel Hill, N.C., that her thirst to make films grew, and she studied at Duke University's Center for Documentary Studies with the idea of making a documentary and beyond. Since her best documentary win at The Hamptons Film Festival, she has written her first screenplay and is working to build a topnotch team to bring the script to the screen and to life. While she has other projects completed and in the works, making this feature film is a most important goal in her life.

Williams counts Martin Scorsese, Lee Daniels, Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers as some of her biggest influences.

She worked as a producer on "Mothers and daughters," raising 90 percent of the multi-million dollar funding while also acquiring domestic distribution and sales for the film. It stars Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone, Christina Ricci, Courteney Cox and others. She also closed funding for "The Last Treasure Hunt," a festival film, and helped fund "Respire," a powerful short film she is directing about the epidemic of date rape, created solely by victims. She also is working on two children's films with producer/writer Heidi Swan, "Fourth of July Weekend," and "Kickback."

Other projects include "The Dead Man," to be directed by Michael Costner and Ryan Holly.

On the documentary side, Williams has shot and directed most of her film about life and death, "In the End," which is currently in post.

Williams is a hardworking mom, a professional photographer as well as producer, director and writer. She runs, enjoys yoga and exercise, loves to cook and paint for fun, and is an ardent advocate for animals. She and her husband, Neil Williams, live in Malibu, California and have two daughters.


victor miller - writer

Victor B. Miller  is an American writer for film and television. Perhaps his best known and most acknowledged work is his screenplay for the original Friday the 13th  film. Miller was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He attended Yale in New Haven, Connecticut, where he says he took every creative writing course offered. After graduating he married Tina Couzens Thurston, to whom he has remained married for over 40 years. 

He also adapted two novels in films A Stranger Is Watching by Mary Higgins Clark and The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell. Victor is currently working on the upcoming horror film Rock Paper Dead, set for release in 2016 & the thriller Eden Falls set for release in 2017.


Kerry Fleming grew up on Staten Island, NY, the third child of Richard and Angelina Fleming. His father was a stock analyst for a Wall Street firm and his mother worked with children for the Catholic Church.  Mr. Fleming has worked in the air traffic field of the Federal Government for over thirty years where he developed a knack for negotiating agreements, rules and regulations.

Mr. Fleming was a movie buff from an early age, with a particular fondness for the horror genre. Several years ago Mr. Fleming was introduced to three time Emmy Award winning writer Victor Miller through a mutual friend after sharing a desire to writing screenplays. Mr. Miller took Mr. Fleming under his wing and mentored him until they decided to co-write a horror thriller that became known as Rock Paper Dead.

Always known as a quick study, Mr. Fleming has branched out into other areas of film making as he is producing the upcoming supernatural horror Something’s on the Roof and the romantic comedy She Wants Me Too. Mr. Fleming’s action thriller, The Night Riders, had previously been optioned, but stalled in the developmental phase. Mr. Fleming is currently writing a supernatural horror story called Nefarious that is based on true events from his childhood.